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Our Lone Tree junk removal services can clear unwanted junk from your property. With our society’s new-found drive towards minimalism and decluttering, a removal service for unwanted items is in demand. There are many positive aspects of sustainable, professional removal of junk and clutter around your property. To find out more about the services we provide, contact the staff at Elite Roll-Off Services today!

What is Lone Tree Junk Removal?

Our Lone Tree society is becoming more and more obsessed with minimalism, signifying a pull away from “holding on” to unwanted clutter. Junk removal service in Lone Tree is different than regular trash service. Junk hauling can cover anything from stuff that has collected in different rooms of your building that you just want out, or if you have a construction project that will produce waste. Junk removal comes in two forms, self-load and hiring people to come perform a clean-out.

Who We Serve

Trash Removal in Lone Tree: A Historical Perspective

Junk removal services have been ongoing since the beginning of mankind. Long before Lone Tree. Humans have always produced waste and sought a method of trash removal. England was a dirty place until the mid-1800s when social programs were started to deal specifically with junk hauling. The early 20th century produced the first use of vehicles for junk removal services. In the United States, it was the Solid Waste Disposal Act of 1965 that has the most impact on our junk removal today. It regulated private contractors for trash removal, contractors like us who work in your Lone Tree neighborhood.


De-Stressing Lone Tree’s Landfills

One of the best side-effects of professional trash removal is the destressing of our nation’s landfills. Some things can be recycled or even resold to keep them out of our landfills. And if proper waste is put into landfills, the methane gasses produced can be turned into carbon dioxide which is less harmful for the environment. Our junk hauling service prides itself on being a positive part of this system to benefit the environment worldwide.


  • "Very good service! Flexible in scheduling. Showed up when they said they would. Met all commitments. All equipment was in good working order. I was very pleased with the entire experience." - Fred Wellers
  • "Thanks for your service and being flexible without nickel and diming. I can tell your company focuses on customer service. I got called each time and everything went as expected--can't ask for more than that. When scheduling, it was quick and easy--much appreciated. Keep up the good work! I likely will need you one more time, so you've earned my repeat business!" - Rod Becker
  • "Customer service is first rate. They are always on time with drop offs and pick ups. Also they are flexible and work with my needs. They offer several options to best suit my needs. Best container company in Denver hands down!!" - Thomas Nunley
  • " Hands down the easiest roll off dumpster service to use in the Denver/Commerce City area. Pricing is great but the part that you can’t tell (until you start using their service) is how easy it is to schedule a pickup or drop off​!" - Nikko Yngente

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Since 2003, our family-owned business has been providing exceptional service to our clients. With our selection of dumpster sizes, we can provide quick and easy services for your project. We strive to provide excellent customer service as we deliver your chosen roll-off dumpster promptly and on-time and again when we pick it up and roll it away. All you need to supply is the trash to go in the dumpster! Give us a call today for all your dumpster rental and junk-hauling needs!

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